Michael Jackson – King of Pop

mj 4

Michael Jackson has always been my inspiration in all aspects. His music, his moves and the fan base he has is extremely wonderful. People die to have just a glance of him at his concerts. Your legs tend to step up as soon as you hear his music. He has been the inspiration to every straggler, who is trying to prove something in life and to put forward their talents.
Michael Jackson will stay The King forever.

I dedicate an art to the King. Click below for the video:

Michael Jackson – King of Pop | Ali Hyder 



Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy Vector

Type: Movie
Release Date: 25 August 2017
Genre: Drama/Romance
Directed By: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Produced By: Pranay Reddy Vanga
Arjun Reddy is an ortho surgeon who is successful but also an alcoholic. His breakup pushes him to the verge of breaking down.

Vijay Deverakonda as Arjun Reddy
Shalini Pandey as Preeti
Rahul Ramakrishna as Shiva[4]
Sanjay Swaroop
Kamal Kamaraju
Gopinath Bhat
Jia Sharma
Amit Sharma
Priyadarshi Pullikonda
Aditi Myakal
Padmaja Lanka as Preeti’s mother


Arjun Reddy has become brand now. Every guy who has watched the movie is dreaming to be Arjun Reddy by holding up his attitude. Vijay Devarakonda and Sandeep Reddy has not left any stone unturned in the promotion and marketing of the movie, which has been major plus point to the movie.
It is a good movie for sure but not as good as the people have hyped it to be. There are many unrealistic points in the movie which are hard to believe but its good to watch it as a movie. But all the negatives have been washed away when compared to Vijay’s acting. He has owned the stage.
The heroine does not play much of a role. The director must have given her more scenes and dialogues other than “Baby.. baby…” I felt she gave her best in acting and dialogues only in climax.
I enjoyed Rahul Ramakrishna’s role, who plays Shiva, a lot. Shiva is more relatable character compared to Arjun. Shiva is Arjun Reddy’s best friend. Everyone has a Shiva in their lives. I have few Shivas and I have been a Shiva to them. Rahul’s comic timing is awesome.
The movie is a must watch but 3 hours is a bit too long. Some people felt that they wanted the movie to be 4 hours as they loved the movie so much. But if it would be 4 hours i might die in the hall. Everyone have their own take on this film. So you watch it and judge it in your own perspective.

Click on this link to checkout the trailer of “Arjun Reddy” :

JUNE 2017 – Vector Art Requests

Hanifa Request

Request by Hanifa Yasmeen.

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Art request from Jayshree Adupa.

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Happy Vector

Request art from Happy.

Check out her creativity and I love her Jaan & Jaanu tales.
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I Have a Mother by Bahareh Bisheh – Redesign

Bahareh Bisheh I have a mother Simple


The story behind the art:

The art I made is a redesign of a touching photo that went viral in 2012. An Iranian Photographer named Bahareh Bisheh took this picture. The little girl in the picture is his cousin and she fell asleep outside his house. She must have played for some time and just lied to rest and fell asleep.
He took this opportunity to be creative and send out a beautiful message to the world.

Many people made short films, drawings, etc. inspired from this photograph. Telugu director, Sukumar also got inspired by it and used this idea in one of his films named “1 Nenokkadine”.

My art is just a tribute to that creative photograph and to all the sons and daughters in the world who crave for mother’s love and affection but are not lucky enough. To all those people, my love and respect to you.