I Have A Mother – Happy Mother’s Day

I Have A Mother:

Where is she? She never turns up to me.  She never answers my letters.
I wait at this door all day, looking at the little girl hold her mother’s hand,
and the little boy being fed by his mom.
I wonder if someday I will hold my mother’s hand and she will feed me with her own hands.
Will it ever happen?
I don’t even know how she looks. Does she look like me? What if she is in front of me and I don’t recognize her?
I asked my caretaker about her and he says she is beautiful just like me. She is chubby and always had a smile on her face, with a scarf around her head.
He has described her to me like this many times, and each time I hear it the feeling of meeting her increases.
I don’t know why my caretaker gives me a sad look when I sit near the door and wait for her?
Does he think that she is never going to come back? Is she in a place where no one could ever come back?
I hope she comes home someday to me. I hope someday I show her all the drawings I did for her.  I hope someday she brushes my hair while I doze off in her lap. I hope someday I would be the reason for her beautiful smile.
Will the day ever come?


This Mother’s Day, I show my love and wishes to all those who have never experienced a Mother’s Love and affection. These gems know the real value of a mother more than we all do. They crave for it and appreciate it more than we do. They know how important a mother is. We all may lead busy lives, but just stop for a second and hug your mom. That one moment of love would be enough for her because she never asks for more. The way they poke you for silly reasons or scold you for your actions is not because they don’t trust you or hate you, it’s purely because they care for you.

“Value it when you have it. Once lost, nothing will bring it back”


-Ali Hyder



Goku (Dragon Ball Z) – Digital Painting

Dragon Ball Z Moin Final 2.jpg


Goku from Dragon Ball Z – Digital Painting

This is an art request from Moinul Ishaq.
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Mandi – Mataam Al Yamani

Asalam Walekum …First things first, I am in love with Hyderabad and its food- the amazing fusion of spices and sweets, the way every dish is perfectly right and even all the aromas. Just when I thought Hyderabad’s Chicken Dum Biryani was the best dish I could ever have, I came across another amazing dish. Have you ever tried a famous Arabian dish named Mandi in Hyderabad? If you have not, then I must say you are utterly missing out on something heavenly. The first time I had Mandi was a year ago, but recently my friend Viswa called me up and this is how our conversation went –
“Bro, Lets go and have Mandi.”

“Well, is it the same place we go always?”

“No. I will take you to a better place. You will just love it, believe me.”

I have never been one who says no to food, especially Mandi so we drove all the way to Towli Chowki and stopped at a restaurant called “MATAAM AL YAMANI”. The problem of restaurants at Towli Chowki is parking. We almost never get a proper parking space. After a while of searching for a perfect space, we finally found one and ran up to the restaurant.

If you go to a restaurant and ambiance is one of your top priorities then I don’t think this place is for you. This restaurant delivers poorly in ambiance. Its just a big room with carpets on the floor and small stools in place of chair; just like most other restaurants famous for Mandi. I wouldn’t suggest this place for family and women. This place is completely filled with guys of all kinds and ages sitting at their most comfortable levels. I could even see a guy lying down there. I guess he was a glutton for food and comfort, well, you can’t blame him. The way everything is set up in the restaurant is actually the Arabian style of dining. They sit on the floor and eat their food. It symbolizes humility and the authenticity of their culture, which I respect greatly. What the restaurant fails to deliver in ambiance, it more than makes up for with its food, so if food is your main priority then you should surely go for it

As soon as we took our place, a guy came rushing to us to take our order. We ordered “Chicken Mandi Full” as mentioned in their menu card. Viswa informed the waiter his specifications by saying “Bhaiya, Only Leg pieces leke aana.” In no time, the waiter brought a big plate. I could feel my mouth fill up with water just by looking at it. In the Arabian style of dining, four to five people share the same plate. Its actually “Sunnah” in Islam.
Steering away from religion and coming to the food, the taste and quantity of the dish is actually worth much more than its price. So obviously, the dish was amazingly delicious and more so, because it was friendly on the pocket. I really liked the chutney that came along with the rice, it seemed to enhance the taste of the dish to perfection. But the opinion on the chutney is subjective as Viswa didn’t like it and I loved it. A chilled Mountain Dew with Mandi is the best combination of food I’ve ever had. Make sure you try this combination the next time you have Mandi.


The staff there were also very friendly. The waiters and the manager all had a smiling face that seemed to welcome you at all times.


After I finished eating all that there was to eat, I could totally relate to the guy who was lying down in the restaurant earlier. Having that kind of food and lying down after that with a full stomach is an amazing feeling.



PRICE: Rs.220/-

Serves : 2 people.