Spyder Poster | Ali Hyder

Spyder poster

I have been fan of Mahesh Babu from ages. The way he acts and carries himself is simple and intense. I have been wanting to see him in a Spy movie just like an Indian James Bond and finally A.R. Murugadoss is presenting our Super Star as a Spy in “SPYDER” I wanted to dedicate a poster to the team so I made an own version of SPYDER.

Check out the Motion Poster:
Click —–> Spyder Motion Poster | Ali Hyder

Check out the making of Poster:
Click —–> Making Of Spyder Poster | Ali Hyder


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JUNE 2017 – Vector Art Requests

Hanifa Request

Request by Hanifa Yasmeen.

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Art request from Jayshree Adupa.

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Happy Vector

Request art from Happy.

Check out her creativity and I love her Jaan & Jaanu tales.
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I Have a Mother by Bahareh Bisheh – Redesign

Bahareh Bisheh I have a mother Simple


The story behind the art:

The art I made is a redesign of a touching photo that went viral in 2012. An Iranian Photographer named Bahareh Bisheh took this picture. The little girl in the picture is his cousin and she fell asleep outside his house. She must have played for some time and just lied to rest and fell asleep.
He took this opportunity to be creative and send out a beautiful message to the world.

Many people made short films, drawings, etc. inspired from this photograph. Telugu director, Sukumar also got inspired by it and used this idea in one of his films named “1 Nenokkadine”.

My art is just a tribute to that creative photograph and to all the sons and daughters in the world who crave for mother’s love and affection but are not lucky enough. To all those people, my love and respect to you.