I Have A Mother – Happy Mother’s Day

I Have A Mother:

Where is she? She never turns up to me.  She never answers my letters.
I wait at this door all day, looking at the little girl hold her mother’s hand,
and the little boy being fed by his mom.
I wonder if someday I will hold my mother’s hand and she will feed me with her own hands.
Will it ever happen?
I don’t even know how she looks. Does she look like me? What if she is in front of me and I don’t recognize her?
I asked my caretaker about her and he says she is beautiful just like me. She is chubby and always had a smile on her face, with a scarf around her head.
He has described her to me like this many times, and each time I hear it the feeling of meeting her increases.
I don’t know why my caretaker gives me a sad look when I sit near the door and wait for her?
Does he think that she is never going to come back? Is she in a place where no one could ever come back?
I hope she comes home someday to me. I hope someday I show her all the drawings I did for her.  I hope someday she brushes my hair while I doze off in her lap. I hope someday I would be the reason for her beautiful smile.
Will the day ever come?


This Mother’s Day, I show my love and wishes to all those who have never experienced a Mother’s Love and affection. These gems know the real value of a mother more than we all do. They crave for it and appreciate it more than we do. They know how important a mother is. We all may lead busy lives, but just stop for a second and hug your mom. That one moment of love would be enough for her because she never asks for more. The way they poke you for silly reasons or scold you for your actions is not because they don’t trust you or hate you, it’s purely because they care for you.

“Value it when you have it. Once lost, nothing will bring it back”


-Ali Hyder



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